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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  August 27, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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"eyewitness news" begins in braking news a brazen heist pulled off in the middle have the night, two men dress had as police officers ripping off an estimated hundred you this dollars. we are he live with new development. >> it is wednesday, august 27th i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. gunfire at a basketball court leaves a teen dead and new police are looking for a person who pulled the trigger. ocean county family's plea for help they are asking u.s. and israeli governments to step up their search for a student who vanish in the holy land. and honoring our taney dragons the little league team that inspired a city gets a parade today. we are talking to them later on. hopefully nice parade weather. let's find out. katie is in the weather center. >> maybe some sun block.
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>> would i highly suggest that for sure. it will be another hot day. we over achieved. we hit 90 during the afternoon. basically rivalling, today what we saw yesterday. >> yes. >> probably a bit more humid too. we have some great pool weather yesterday. today another day just like it. one hiccup that comes with it is the arrival and passage of our next frontal boundary. that front more than anything, is a help to our forecast because it helps keep the hurricane that we have been tracking for so long out to sea. in addition to that some air quality issues we have to talk about. while the forecast overall looks good overall, we have a few side effects that comes, that we have to discuss abe we will company that the next couple minutes. guys, back to you. breaking news, two armed suspects posing as police officers pulled off a heist at a philadelphia food distribute center. >> men got away with tens of thousands have dollars in cash. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is at the scene
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in fishtown to give us more on this story, syma. >> reporter: that is right, it sound like a scene from the movie but this is a real life armed robber here at the food distribution center. with me is chief inspector scott small. it sound like a scene from the movie. you said it happened in all five minutes. >> from the time these individual knocked on the door, identified themselves as police officer, went in, point a gun, forced these individuals to open up a safe, threatened to shoot and kill them if they didn't give them money. from the time they got money which was close to a hundred thousand dollars and realized this he were being recorded and tried to tear some of the video recording equipment from the wall, and then when they exit the location that also took about five minutes. now you fortunately although they tried to tear video monitor off the wall and pulled wires from the wall, the actual recording device was in another room, and it did record pretty much everything they did not only outside but inside. >> reporter: i know thaw are working to give us the the
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media video for that but turf ask how were they dressed, how did they identify file them self as police officer. >> initially when they knock on the door, door was lock. when owner said was there they yelled through the door and said police. of course, owner yelled at the door. they weren't dressed in police uniforms. both had baseball caps on that said police, large, letters on the hat. one of them was wearing what appeared to be a badge around his neck. when we saw the recording of the vehicle, the the getaway vehicle that actually had flashing lights, on the dashboard, in the center. so there were several different ways they were impersonating police officers. so when they are caught that will be an additional charge impersonating a police officer which is a serious charge in addition to an armed robbery and threatening to kill someone pointing a gun. >> reporter: this seems to be unusual because the food distribution center is in the middle of no where. it seems odd for a business to have that much money or someone to even try to target
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that business to rob them for that much money do you think there was some sort of knowledge before these two men came here. >> this is not an easy place to find during the day especially at 2:00 in the morning when it is dark and it is pretty dark back here. it is not easy to get to. it is very convoluted. we are in the ruling out the possibility that these individuals, one or both of them had been here, before. we always look at the possibility when we have a job of this magnitude that there is some inside knowledge, maybe ex-employees or a current employees, family or friend and that is what our detectives are doing right now. we have a list of all employees and all past employees full and part-time because we will look into any possibility of this being an inside job. >> reporter: how are the the owners doing right now, 2:15 this morning having a a gunpoint todd their head, being forced to the ground, it is traumatizing. >> they are clearly shaken up. i got here pretty quickly. both of the co-owners, one is male, one is female, this he were both forced to the
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ground. both had to open the safe. they were so shaken up having a gunpointed at their head and their lives being threatened, initially the female could not open the safe and then male tried, he had some problems. it took them a while opening the safe. that is all captured on recording equipment, but they were forced to the ground, threatened to be shot and killed and the male co-owners they actually tried to tie his feet with something, they weren't successful, and they just left with whatever they tried to tie his feet with. >> reporter: thank you so much, chief inspector scott small. we are working to get more information and video. better description of the suspect. once we do we will pass it the along to you. we are live from fishtown, syma chowdhry cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> syma, thank you. let get traffic and weather together. another hot day, katie. >> yes, we are. we are off to a mild start. good morning everybody. storm scan is quiet and still will be a pretty good day out there if you have outdoor plans. we are heating up out there nice wide zoom shows us our
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next frontal boundary. we will seen these pieces of heavy showers, thunderstorms popping up throughout the course of the last couple of days but we are actually going to see this trough finally dig in here today. when it does. it looks like it triggers a spotty shower or storm toward evening and that is it. now in the meantime we have a light wind, before that front arrives. air quality alert issued for the entire day, which makes it unhealthy for sensitive groups and gray shaded area. entire first state of delaware, chester, delco, philly, bucks, montgomery county, they are all included, everybody else is okay but keep in mind that ground level ozone might start to get to you if you know you have issues when that happens. seventy is the the current temperature. we will stay steady, cooler by comparison in other locations. we're pretty comfortable. dew points are not high. humidity isn't too bad. sixty-seven right the now in northeast philadelphia we are in the lower 60's in mount holly. our wednesday forecast features more heat, back in the 80's down the shore,
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poconos where we see that stray shower or storm and up to 90 with sunshine for the the most part here in philadelphia, bob. 4:37. a live look at i-95 right here near girard point double decker. cones still down here again as part of the milling and paving operation they have been doing on i-95 between ridley and girard point double decker. heading down toward the airport watch for lane restrictions. bennie looking good the at the moment but there is only three lanes opened coming into philadelphia during morning rush hour. usually 7:30, 7:45 is when we start to see the the grid lock coming into downtown. is there still work on the roosevelt boulevard northbound between third and tyson avenue. they are working on the inner drive until 6:00 o'clock this morning. they are working south on the northeast extension, right here near lansdale interchange. hoist ready for a parade. >> yes. >> let's do it. >> we've got parade day, kicks off at 2:00 at 20th and market. we will rope around city hall and then come right down broad street to fdr park.
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of course, that is as a parade is underway, it will be a moving closures and moving detours, all of the september bus routes that would cross broad street or use broad street will have somewhat of a minor detour as this par raid of the team rolls around city hall all the way down broad street to ftr park. mass transit looking good at the the moment. ukee, back to you. philadelphia police are looking for gunman who shot a teenager to death on a basketball court in north philadelphia it happened last night on the 2400 block of ninth street. a 17 year-old boy was shot several times and pronounced dead at the scene. detectives are searching for another teenager whom they believe pulled the trigger. happening today, preliminary hearing is scheduled for christopher murray, charged with murdering his wife, connie. she was found dead on august 5th near penny pack park. an autopsy revealed that connie murray had been strangled. the search intensifies for new jersey student who went
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missing in israel. twenty-three year-old aaron sofer of lakewood was last seen friday, hiking with a friend in jerusalem forest. his parents flew to israel over the the weekend and fbi met with his family yesterday in lakewood. meanwhile local politicians joined religious leaders and family members calling on u.s. and israeli government to increase their support, and search efforts. >> there are concerns as we all necessity about the possibility have of april abduction. >> current israeli palestinian conflict ignited in june with the abduction and murder of israeli teenagers in the west bank. officials say that the area where sofer disappeared is within miles of the spot where palestinian teenager was found dead in early july. isis, they are holding another american hostage. she's a 26 year-old woman who has been doing humanitarian aid work in syria. her family is not releasing her name out of fear for her safety. american a week ago islamic
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state group beheaded james foley. meanwhile another american journalist peter theo curtis is back in massachusetts todays after a extremist group freed him. family statement says curtis is get deeply indebted to official whose worked to get him released. well, later on this morning the taney dragons will be stopping by our studios right before they are honored by the city with a huge parade. >> a chance for philadelphia and surrounding area to say thank you to the little league team that gave us so much to cheer about this summer. it all starts with a parade as bob mentioned at 20th and market. fleet will swing past city hall and head south down broad street to fdr park for a great big rally. team will be treated to performances by philly pops and the mummers. we caught up with two players say although experience has been overwhelming, they can't wait for this afternoon festivity. >> i'm excited for the parade. i don't know what will happen
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during it but it will be a lot of fun. >> it will show how much support we have gotten through this journaly congratulations, gang. expect road closures for up to 30 minutes during each performance and other closures are rolling and expect it to be very brief. >> that is great, love to see. that you can watch the parade live on cbs our coverage will start at 2:00. heading out to the parade check out the web site before you head out to get a better look at the parade route. "eyewitness news" will be right back. >> i love a parade. >> who doesn't.
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updating breaking news, the search continues for two armed suspect robbed a food distribution center, on delaware avenue of an estimated hundred you this dollars in cash. it happened shortly before 2:30 this morning at the coa
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trading corporation. the suspect's gain access to the building by impersonating police officers, allegedly wearing hats with the word police on it. they were also driving an suv with the light on the dashboard. we will have more on our breaking news with a live report coming up in our next half an hour. we have more breaking news, this is happening right now. we are looking live along kelly drive where we're hearing at least one person is in the water. you see a number of officers there at the scene, some emergency personnel ready to rescue that person from the water. to give you an idea where this is on kelly drive, we are told this is near st. joes prep boat house near strawberry mansion bridge, once again, crews are out there have after reports of at least one person is in the schuylkill river, that water search continues right now as you look live at the officers on the scene and we will stay with this and bring you updates as we get them. right now i want to get our forecast and yesterday heated it up, today.
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>> basically a carbon cop toy a degree. little more steamy, a smidge. yesterday was hot but wasn't oppressive i didn't think. i didn't think. >> no, it was all good. i agree. >> but we will keep that going here today. weather should hold up for taney dragons. we are expecting it to be bright, sunny nice and the hot out there. >> nice, nice. >> there may be a shower or storm around. reason is a cold front which more than anything brings us more of a hook up then anything. because it will keep our hurricane out to sea. here's a nice wide look at cristobal which continues to churn as a category one hurricane moving slowly, to the north here and we will still be expect to make a right-hand hook here and stay well out to sea for the entire eastern seaboard of north america, here's a front, trough that will dig in, bring in cooler air and steer the flow and steer this storm away. so, what that means is that we're putting a squeeze play here where we will keep that humidity initially and then maybe a shower or storm that fires up as a result.
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nothing widespread, nothing that requires to you cancel your plans but we will talk about that in a a second. here's a storm, cristobal and it is going to make that right-hand hook. it looks like it makes closest path to our area tomorrow but rip current risk had been elevated at least moderate, so far for the last couple days. today is high, and even though that storm will be well off to our north east in a couple days, we're likely going to have that delayed reaction where it stays elevated with the risk, choppy surf until things wind down. you tend to have that delayed reaction with big pattern changes like that. mostly sunny though, it looks at face value like an awesome beach day, be careful. you will be tempt todd jump in the waves with a day like this and uv index is also very high at a nine. sun block is absolute thely a requirement, in philadelphia i expect that we will easily hit 90 once again today. it is less humid by tomorrow. smack dab in between maybe just that spotty shower or storm and then friday looks
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awesome, lower 80's, more sun, saturday still keeping some sun. our medication shot for shower or storm wouldn't happen again until sunday, ukee, back to you. thanks, katie. it looks like phillies go for a sweep tonight in south philadelphia when kyle kendrick starts begins first place washington nationals. last night freddie galvis nailed a two run home run in the fifth inning and the phillies had a lead on the nationals. cole hamels pitched into the the eighth but left a little bit upset. with the game tied at three, kenny giles struck out the side in relief, chooch got the clutch sacrifice fly in the bottom of the eighth to give phillies a win. your final score was four -three. nice win indeed. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning what is for lunch at one fast food chain, ask for it by name because it is not on the menu. ordering off menu. >> here we go. >> but first here's is what coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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time for a check of business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. another day another record broke on wall street. what are investors watching today. >> reporter: good morning, ukee ander contact markets opened this morning in historic territory. s and p rose two points yesterday close ago above the 2,000 mark for the the first time, ever. the dow jones gain about 29 points, and yesterday we have had a slew of good economic data, consumer confidence is at its highest level in seven months and orders for durable goods are way up. all and all there is just a feeling that the economy has finally improved, and that things will continue to get better. ukee and erika. >> hey jill, it is early to be talking about lunch for most people but not us but arby's is out with a new sandwich that is pretty meaty, um.
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>> reporter: yeah, well, imagine taking every cold cut you can think of, and then piling it on one sandwich. well, that is the the idea behind arby's new $10 meat mountain. it crust everything from chicken, turkey, corned beef, roast beef, brisket, bacon, stake and ham just to name a few plus two kind of cheese, but it won't be listed on the menu as part of the secret list of items that customers can only get if they ask for by name. i don't even want to speculate on the calorie count, ukee and quarter. >> can you imagine. >> how do you get your around something that big, ten different types of meat. >> that could last you all week. >> yes. >> unreal, all right, jill, ask for it by name, the meat mountain. okay. >> great name. >> we will get back to you. >> reporter: you have to hibernate for the rest of the month. >> that is true. >> thanks, jill. coming up after a short
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break traffic and weather together and we will do it on
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let's get traffic and weather together. good morning, bob. >> good morning. a live look at i-95 where they are working between girard point double decker bridge down through the airport . if you are heading to the airport this morning, everything is opened but just watch for lane restrictions. they've got cones down for another hour or so. live look at the schuylkill expressway. no problems at all coming into downtown. roads are dry. light volume so far here, martin luther king drive is open. we have police activity on the kelly drive but kelly drive is opened to vehicle traffic. so that is good news. parade route hear we are go, we will kick it off at 2:00 at 20th and market. rolling up market street around city hall and coming down broad street to fdr park. now as the parade is underway the september bus route is a long the route will be on a detour. so bus routes, beginning at 1:30, buses on market street will go on a detour and then
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beginning at 2:00 the bus's long broad street will go on a detour. once that floats past by with the players on there the buses will get right back to their normal routes. so from 1:30 to 2:30 expect delays along market street and broad street but katie, great day for a parade. >> would i say so, absolutely. i'll give thaw but this will be a great day for those kids and certainly overall if you have anything going on outside. you want to be safe and have your sun block ready to go. plenty of what the tore drink. all had good stuff. you have a great excuse to be outside. here's why. high pressure in place. we will eventually have our next cold front sweeping through, but it is not expect to bring in anymore then just a stray sure or storm for evening. dragons are looking good, at 2:00 p.m. when that parade kicks off 89 degrees under full sun. it will be steamy out there be ready for it or seek some shade underneath or behind the shadow, with the sky scrapers.
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heading throughout the rest of the day we will hit 80 or i should say 90 and then over the course of the next few days temperatures tropical off. the humidity does the same. back to you. here are the stories our sister station kyw news radio will be following today. pennsylvania house republicans push a bill that will decriminalized transporting wine and spirits across state line. summer isn't over but philly prepares to bring back another waterfront attraction for when it is colder. and being cool when you go back to school, what will students wear in the classroom, check in two, three, four times a day, kyw news radio 1060 on the am dial. >> too cool for school. coming up next, we are continuing to following breaking news as a daring robbery, men posing as police officers steel almost a hundred thousand dollars. also tragedy at a gun range, how that young girl accidentally killed her instructor.
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breaking news right now a daring heist, gunman posing as police officers steel almost a hundred thousand dollars in cash overnight. we are live with the search for the armed thieves. also breaking news right now rescuers lined the banks of the schuylkill river as they search for a person in the water. we're live on the scene. it is wednesday, august 27th good morning i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. also a big tribute for our taney dragons, city will get ready to honor little league stars, what you need to know about today's parade and not a bad day for a parade, right. >> another take that will feature more sun then anything but there are a couple hiccups along the way. air quality. a new cold front. we are still track ago this hurricane in the atlantic. we will have have details on how it impacts us, coming up,
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bob. 5:00 o'clock straight up on a wednesday, live look at the roosevelt boulevard. they are still doing paving up in the northeast and we will check rest of the roads and mass transit coming up next, ukee, good morning. our breaking news, search is on for two suspects wanted in a brazen heist at a philadelphia food distribution center. >> investigators say men were armed and posing as police officers. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us at that scene in fishtown where investigators are looking at a possibility of an inside job, syma, good morning. >> reporter: that is right, that is a possibility they are looking into. i spoke with chief inspector scott small a little will while ago and he says this seems to be a little bit of a location is too random to be hit randomly. so they are looking into the the possibility this was some sort of a previous employee's, current employees, someone that knew the owners but this is what we know so far. two men that came here impersonat p


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